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St Paulinus Pre School hall

A Typical Day

09:15 Doors open and greetings:- To parents and children.

09.20 Registration:- Registration taken, breakdown and review of mornings activities.

09.30 Free Play:- Various activities, toys and equipment are available for children to choose, which cover all aspects of the curriculum. They are able to freely move around to experience, learn enjoy and play either individually or in groups. Staff are available when and wherever needed to supervise, guide and help. In this free play session we frequently have craft activities which the children enjoy.

10.50 Tidying up:- Staff put away large pieces of equipment whilst the children, with supervision, help.

11.00 Break Time:- Each child has a turn on a daily basis to be a helper and distribute milk to the children along with a healthy snack.

11.15 Songs/News:- Nursery rhymes and counting songs may be sung as a group or sometimes individually, news and items of interest may be discussed in groups.

11.30 Group Activity:- Children are divided into small or large groups to work on a theme related activity or any other craft ideas. Working together as a group enhances their listening skills and promote social interaction. A member of staff will sit with each group to provide assistance and direction.)

11.45 Playtime:- Children use large-scale equipment, hoops, beanbags, bikes etc as well as having group games, dance, music and movement. We take every opportunity for supervised play outside in our secure garden

12.00 Quiet Time:- Sit down for a story, or discussion and feedback on the day’s activities.

12.15 Home Time:- Parents/carers collect their children under supervision of two members of staff who log out each child as they leave

Lunch club is on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 12.15 - 13.00

Note: These times are used only as a guide and are commonly adapted to allow for special activities, visits and other needs as they arise.